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Hampton Township High School

Hampton Township School District, Allison Park, PA
K-12 /

Tower Engineering, Inc. provided HVAC, Electrical, Technology, Plumbing and Fire Protection engineering services for renovations and an addition at the Hampton School District High School. The project included a new media center, library, classrooms, spaces for collaborative working and an updated secure entry point.

The HVAC design included packaged rooftop units utilizing an extension of the existing 4-pipe hot and chilled water systems, with a dedicated pool dehumidification unit for the natatorium. Air distribution included a variable air volume system with multiple terminal boxes for zoning. The design also included ventilation with CO2 sensors and DDC controls.

The electrical design included a new underground utility service which backfed the existing service and a new diesel generator. Interior lighting systems utilized daylight harvesting and a theatrical lighting system was installed in the Flex TV studio. A new voice fire alarm system was installed along with an extension of the school intercom and clock systems. Audio/video systems were installed in classrooms, the Flex TV studio and the Critical Thinking Lab. The security system was updated throughout the building including new surveillance cameras and card access control. In addition to new telecommunications cabling, the renovation included the addition of a new server room utilizing a central UPS for emergency power.

The plumbing and fire protection design included localized electric resistance domestic water heating. Water efficient fixtures were utilized along with manual faucets and flush valve. The existing fire protection system was extended into the new addition and a Novec 1230 clean agent system was utilized in the new server room.