Tower Engineering, Inc.


In building design, two criteria are of primary concern: life safety and occupant comfort.  The impact of proper electrical design is significant: from proper lighting for visual comfort and safety, to safe and reliable power distribution — all are necessary for occupant comfort and safety.  These systems must be designed with budget and maintainability in mind, while also conforming to a multitude of codes and regulations.

Tower Engineering’s approach to electrical systems design includes a thorough investigation of the needs of the owner; an analysis of the codes, regulations, and utility requirements; and coordination with other architectural and engineering designers.  Collaboration with other firms is crucial because electrical systems interface with systems designed by architects, HVAC engineers, plumbing engineers, food service, and many other trades.

Our electrical engineering expertise ranges from the design of simple power and lighting systems to complex emergency and computer power systems.  Because the electrical systems and equipment that are available will vary according to first-cost, life-cycle cost, redundancy, and maintainability, we strive to work with each client to determine how these factors apply to their unique situation.

Interior lighting design
Exterior lighting design
Theatrical lighting design
Photometric calculations
Lighting controls
Building power distribution systems
Medium voltage distribution systems
Power distribution for data center applications
Fire detection and alarm systems
Uninterruptible power supplies
Emergency generators
Lightning protection systems