Tower Engineering, Inc.

About Us

Founded in 1931 by Elwood S. Tower, the firm was steered by 3 generations of the Tower family.  Today, Tower Engineering is under the leadership of four Principal owners: James Kosinski, Michael Plummer, Steffanie Bako and Rob Herlihy.  Bolstered by other capable engineers, the team at Tower Engineering is dedicated to offering attentive collaboration on every project.

Jim Kosinski •••
Principal / HVAC
Mike Plummer •••
Principal & Department Head / Plumbing & Fire Protection
Steffanie Bako •••
Principal & Department Head / Electrical
Rob Herlihy •••
Principal / HVAC
Cory Weiland
Project Manager / Plumbing & Fire Protection
James Wang
Technology Designer / Electrical
Jessica Mickail
Accountant/Human Resources Manager
Jim Martin
Senior Project Manager / Electrical
John West
Senior Associate & Project Manager / Electrical
Josh Skotnicki
Designer / Electrical
Julie Plummer
Senior Designer / HVAC
Mary Smith
Senior Project Manager / Plumbing & Fire Protection
Michael Chvala
Project Manager / HVAC
Nathan Kosinski
Project Manager / Electrical
Paul Molnar
Designer / Plumbing
Ray Mans
Senior Project Manager / HVAC
Shannon Katruska
Designer / Plumbing
Shraddha Kuikel
Designer / HVAC
Taylor Galioto
Marketing Coordinator
Ted Knickerbocker
Senior Project Manager / Electrical
Tim Zeitler
Senior Project Manager / Plumbing & Fire Protection
Tom Valerio
Senior Associate & Department Head / HVAC
Wei Hu
Senior Designer / HVAC
Zach Solarczyk
Project Manager / HVAC
Over 93 Years of Excellence
Elwood S. Tower, Sr. was born in Smith's Mills, NY.
Elwood moved to Pittsburgh and entered Carnegie Tech. He also worked as an apprentice in the office of A.D. Alexander, an architect.
Elwood S. Tower Consulting Engineers was founded.
Elwood passed away, leaving the firm to Elwood, Jr., and Allan B. Smith, who incorporated it as Elwood S. Tower Corporation and gave a share of the corporation to his wife Grace.
The firm moved from the third floor of the Investment Building to the first floor of the Benedum Trees Building, on the same block of 4th Street.
David Tower, son of Elwood Jr., joined the firm.
After Allan Smith retired, three new principals were named: P. Clifford Smith, John A. Finney and David E. Tower.
Growth and Further Success
Around this time, the firm moved to the Perrymont Building out on Perry Highway.
Elwood, Jr. retired, leaving his position to Robert Manella. The firm continued to thrive with a series of talented employees.
Ted Dannerth became a Principal.
Bob Manella retired after nearly forty-five years at the company.
Jack Finney retired.
Cliff Smith retired.
The firm relocated to the Evergreen Heights Technology Center in West View.
Thomas Gorski and James Kosinski were promoted to Principals alongside Ted Dannerth.
Dave Tower retired, and other capable executives continued the corporation.
The company began doing business as Tower Engineering.
Steve Kisak joined Ted, Tom, and Jim as a Principal.
Ted Dannerth retired.
Steffanie Bako and Michael Plummer were promoted to Principal following Steve Kisak's retirement. They had both been at Tower for 19 years at that point.
Tower Engineering transitioned to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Our long-established office got a much-needed renovation.
The firm is now led by three seasoned professionals who have more than 80 years of experience between them.