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With a multitude of systems from which to choose, all with distinct advantages and disadvantages, the challenge of selecting the best possible system can be daunting.  Our design team carefully considers how a system meets the immediate and long-term needs of the Owner and building occupants — as well as the requirements of regulatory agencies — because we know that inappropriate or misapplied systems could result in comfort complaints, indoor air quality issues, control problems, and exorbitant utility costs.

Our HVAC engineers are well-versed in the design and application of all modern HVAC systems that are utilized in today’s buildings.  Some systems are simple and straightforward, others are far more sophisticated but may offer life cycle advantages.  We understand that each project and owner is unique and our engineers will work with the owner and design team to make sure the best possible system is selected.

The final system selection is impacted by such major issues as advances in technology, changes in design standards, higher expectations of comfort levels, environmental concerns, energy conservation measures, future needs, and keeping construction and operating costs within budget constraints.

Heating and cooling system design
Ventilation system design
Variable air volume systems
Fan coil units
Building automation systems
Control systems and energy monitoring
Water-source heat pump systems
Geothermal heat pump systems
Thermal (ice) storage systems
Heat recovery systems
Kitchen and laboratory exhaust systems
Smoke evacuation systems
Computer room environmental control systems
Fuel oil piping systems