Tower Engineering, Inc.

Power Systems

Safety is an industry requirement that is both emphasized and strived for in the engineering community.  Tower Engineering, Inc. has become one of the area’s leading industry providers of power systems studies and arc flash labeling.

An arc flash occurs when a high level of current passes through air during a short circuit event.  The result can be destruction of the equipment or more importantly, severe injury or possibly death to any nearby personnel.

Avoiding these events by not working on energized equipment is one way to cut down on their frequency.  However, there are many times when a piece of equipment is unable to be shut down for a variety of reasons.  It is these times that a proper arc flash study can protect personnel from potential harm by providing the industry-mandated arc flash labeling for all required pieces of equipment.

Tower Engineering, Inc. provides a full in-depth power systems studies.  We analyze the electrical system from top-to-bottom and provide recommendations based on safety and overall functionality.  We examine several aspects of the electrical system and provide a comprehensive analysis that includes short circuit information, arc flash information and an updated single-line.