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Building Commissioning can best be described as a quality-assurance process designed to increase the likelihood that a newly constructed or renovated building will achieve maximum functionality.  It is the analysis of the design, installation and operation of integrated building systems.  The commissioning process can be applied to nearly any building system.  Encompassing the entire design and construction process, commissioning begins with the selection of a commissioning consultant – typically hired by the Owner at the same time the project’s goals and objectives are being developed.  The commissioning consultant serves as the Owner’s technical advisor throughout the design, construction and start-up phases.

Tower Engineering’s approach to commissioning is to form a team involving the owner, O&M staff, design team, and contractors to create effective and efficient buildings.  Tower coordinates and directs the commissioning activities in a logical, sequential manner using consistent protocols and forms, centralized documentation, clear and regular communications and consultation with all parties, frequently updated timelines, schedules and technical expertise.  Depending upon the project, Tower Engineering can provide commissioning services as either the design engineer or a Third Party Consultant.

Retrocommissioning applies to buildings that have never been commissioned.  In many cases, these buildings were never operating at optimum efficiency and over the years their performance has deteriorated further and is not meeting the functional needs of the occupants.

Retrocommissioning enables existing buildings to optimize the facility’s energy consumption profile as much as possible, consistent with the energy codes that were in effect at the time the facility was designed and built.

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