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GNC Headquarters Fit-Out

Pittsburgh, PA
Corporate & General Office /

Tower Engineering, Inc. provided HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection engineering services for the 74,000 SF world headquarters of GNC. This project was a tenant fit-out of floors 4, 5, and 6 in a new six story office building in Pittsburgh’s strip district. A mock store was designed within the office space to replicate a typical GNC store, with specific focus on mimicking the lighting and power.

The base building variable air volume (VAV) system was adjusted to meet the HVAC needs of the tenant. Interior spaces are equipped with VAV terminal units. Perimeter spaces are served by fan-powered VAV terminal units. Each terminal unit is equipped with electric heat to enable perimeter heating, and reheat for dehumidification.

The core electrical distribution was in place and our design began at the electrical closet on each floor. Branch panelboards were installed in the electrical closets to serve all the general receptacle and lighting loads on each floor. An uninterruptable power supply is included in the main data room on the 4th floor to provide back-up power to GNC’s data network. Emergency power for egress lighting is connected to the base building generator.

The lighting design was a collaboration between the architect and Tower to meet the needs of GNC and also to accentuate the architectural components chosen by the architect. Several decorative chandeliers are located in open collaboration areas, over a new open circulation stair, and in the dining area. Lighting control for all individual spaces and in the open office areas are provided to comply with the energy code and ambient light sensors are used to automatically dim the perimeter lighting as natural light enters the space. The base building fire alarm system and sprinkler system were extended throughout the tenant space.