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Tower Engineering, Inc.

Fire Protection System Engineering

Tower Engineering offers a complete range of fire protection, security system and code analysis services for both new construction and renovation of residential and commercial buildings. Typical projects involve the following services:

Audits and Surveys: Including the evaluation of buildings and facilities to identify deficiencies and limit losses involving fire safety, property protection and accessibility for the disabled.

Systems Design: Creative, cost-effective design of fire alarm systems, automatic sprinklers, specialty fire suppression systems and water supply systems for new or existing structures.

Fire Protection Master Planning: Development and review of the fire safety program which addresses applicable codes, specific requirements of the project and alternative approaches to code compliance and design objectives.

Code Analysis: Determine conformance with applicable codes and standards of the fire protection master plan.

Negotiation: Communication with the authority having jurisdiction to explain, clarify and interpret how the project’s fire safety program relates to code requirements.

Inspection/Testing: Inspection, performance testing and evaluation of systems including fire alarms, fire detection, fire suppression, smoke control, emergency voice communication, ac-cess & emergency egress and water supply.

Coordination: Overall Coordination of a facility’s fire protection programs.

And, general services:
Tower Engineering is dedicated to designing innovative fire protection engineering solutions.

  • Fire sprinkler Systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Security systems
  • Lightning Protection
  • Halon Replacement
  • CO2 monitoring
  • Dry chemical fire suppression systems
  • Water spray systems
  • Fire pumps
  • Standpipe systems

Specific projects have included:
Design of an analog/addressable intelligent fire alarm and life safety network for a 64-story office building.
Design of a dry chemical fire suppression system in combination with modifications to the electrical and fuel oil systems associated with emergency generator systems.

Design of a fire pump to fulfill water pressure requirements for sprinklers installed in a new 47,000 SF, 156-bed residential complex.

Development of detailed sequences of controls to replace and automate a complete smoke control for a 565,247 SF office building.

Installation of a fire alarm and security monitoring system for 35 existing laboratory, production and administration buildings. The selected system utilized a multiplex format with transponders in each of the buildings to allow for total coordination.

Fire protection system for a 90,000 SF food services facility serving 40,000 students of a local school district. Design included dry pipe sprinkler systems for the freezer and cooler areas, a pre-action system for the computer room, and wet pipe sprinkler systems for the office, kitchen areas, and the high rack storage areas.