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Hillview Elementary School

Grove City, PA
K-12 /

Tower Engineering, Inc. provided HVAC, Electrical, Technology, Plumbing and Fire Protection engineering services for the Grove City Area School District Hillview Elementary School. This project included renovations to the existing building along with an addition almost doubling the size of the school to create a state-of-the-art learning facility for grades K-5 with the focus being on STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The building design incorporates bright, colorful designs and offers learning opportunities such as exposed ceilings with color-coded piping so the students could learn how a building works.

The HVAC design includes a high efficiency gas hot water heating plant with variable speed pumping along with hot water roof-top units with energy recovery and DX cooling. Variable air volume terminal boxes were used throughout the building.

The electrical design includes a new primary-metered utility service, natural gas emergency generator and lightning protection. Interior lighting includes theatrical lighting for both the large group instruction room and the gym and RGB color changing lighting in the gross motor skills room, and exterior lighting was provided for expanded parking lots. Technology design included telecommunication cabling, card access control, and surveillance systems. AV systems were designed for all classrooms as well as special systems for the large group instruction room, cafeteria, and gymnasium.

The plumbing design includes a central domestic water heater with storage and automatic faucets/flushvalves for water closets, urinals, lavatories, and sinks.  A traditional wet fire protection system was installed along with a fire pump.  Some specialties include a grease interceptor at the kitchen, solids interceptors for art room sanitary, and a domestic water booster pump.